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5th-Jan-2017 03:28 pm - Fic: "Old as Your Omens"
Title: Old as Your Omens
Author: stars_inthe_sky
Character/Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG/Teen
Warnings: Spoilers for Terminator: Genisys
Summary: Sometimes, Sarah thinks Skynet is raising them all.
Disclaimer: Written for Yuletide 2016, with help from the perpetually useful Terminator Wiki and the unbeatable beta services of red_b_rackham and revedeshautbois. I own nothing and no one.
Author Notes: A story about Sarah's relationship (such as it is) to John in the T:G timeline, and about how she comes into her own along the way.

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27th-Apr-2016 12:03 pm - Two T:G-inspired fics
Title: Fates We (Didn't) Make
Author: stars_inthe_sky
Character/Pairing: Gen; Derek Reese, Allison Young, James Ellison, Riley Dawson, Martin Bedell, Kacy Corbin, George Lazlo, Jesse Flores, Charley Dixon, Lauren Fields, Andy Goode, Savannah Weaver
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Summary: Sometimes, the most life-changing events are the ones that never happened. Or: Twelve people who watched Genisys explode, and then went on with their lives.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my undying love for Savannah.
Author Notes: Thanks to red_b_rackham and revedeshautbois for beta-reading!


Title: Indelible
Author: stars_inthe_sky
Character/Pairing: Gen; Kyle Reese, John Connor, Derek Reese
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Summary: It’s the enemy’s mark, forced on him, and the Resistance doesn’t have the means to remove it, unless he wants to literally carve it out of his own flesh—something Kyle doesn’t feel quite mad enough to do yet.
Disclaimer: If this were my playground, don't you think I'd be working on a new installment?
Author Notes: fuckyeahterminatorgenisys prompted, "What do Kyle’s non-barcode tattoos signify?"
Title: tell me where your strength lies
Author: stars_inthe_sky
Character/Pairing: Savannah Weaver, Sarah Connor, Lauren Fields, Sydney Fields, James Ellison, Jesse Flores, Martin Bedell, Kyle Reese, Derek Reese, Allison Young, Kate Brewster, John Connor, Justin Perry, Catherine Weaver, other minor characters, original characters
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Canonical character deaths, canon-typical violence
Summary: Not just any orphaned little girl could have become Sarah Connor’s daughter. In which Savannah Weaver grows up, fights back, and figures out what to do if she wants to live.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'd have, you know, not cancelled this series if I did.
Author Notes: Thanks to revedeshautbois and red_b_rackham for betaing all 79,256 words of this epic.

Title: Though Hope is Frail
Author: stars_inthe_sky
Character/Pairing: Kyle Reese, John Connor, Marcus Wright, Star (T:S), Marty Bedell, Sarah Connor
Rating: General Audiences

Warnings: Canon-typical violence, trauma, and death
Disclaimer: If I owned any of these characters or timelines, I would be making more canon, not writing fic about it.

Summary: How do you thank a dead man for bringing you back to life? Or: Kyle Reese is a miracle. But he’s not alone. (T:SCC/T:S)

Author Notes: My Yuletide 2015 entry, which was technically a Terminator: Salvation fic but wouldn't exist without a hefty dose of TSCC canon and influence.

Read it on AO3 here!
I wrote a Terminator fusion for this year's Buckynat Week Mini-Bang, in part because the "Thank you for your courage through the dark years" speech totally sounds like something Steve Rogers would say.

Title: Every Part a Flame
Author: stars_inthe_sky
Character/Pairing: Natasha Romanoff/James "Bucky" Barnes
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, consensual sex
Summary: In the 21st century, Hydra decides to reshape the future by changing the past. In the fall of 1943, Sergeant Barnes finds himself the unwitting target of an unstoppable assassin...and at the mercy of a fighter from the future who may be his only chance at survival.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. You'd know if owned anything because there'd be new Terminator content annually and Buckynat would've been onscreen canon like four movies ago.
Author Notes: Vylla made the most amazing illustration for this story I could have imagined! Extra thanks to my wonderful betas revedeshautbois and red_b_rackham.

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[Read @ AO3]
Title: Satisfice
Author: deslea
Character/Pairing: John Connor/Kate Brewster
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for T3.
Summary: Kate's marriage was pre-ordained from the future. But even if it wasn't, where do you go after you've been with the last, best hope of humankind? 2500 words.
Disclaimer: Terminator isn't mine, yo.

Read it here.
8th-Nov-2013 12:00 pm - Terminator East
Title: Terminator East
Author: David Cardillo
Character/Pairing: Semi-original characters
Rating: R for machine-on-human violence
Warnings: Machine-on-human violence, murder/suicide
Summary: A university campus survives Judgment Day and has their first encounter with Skynet's soldiers.
Disclaimer: Based on the Terminator universe, created by James Cameron
Author Notes: I wrote this as a Halloween story (I try to write some sort of spooky or seasonally apropos story in October, and this year, I did a Terminator story, as I am working my way through S.M. Stirling's T2 series).

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Harley Joker Dance
17th-Aug-2013 06:50 pm - [ad]
Posted with permission, thank you! :)

Under the cut, there is an advertisement for 4 Big Bang Challenges: fixitstory, kidficstory, royaltystory & journeystory.

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love is
28th-Sep-2012 12:54 pm - "In Uncharted Territory" (PG)
Title: In Uncharted Territory
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sarah Connor (Gen, SCC universe)
Rating: PG
Summary: It is a war she alone believes in.
Author's Notes: For the writerverse "What would_____ do?" challenge.
Also for writers_choice, this is "Belief".


What would John Connor do?

Bad Robot
26th-Sep-2012 05:49 pm - Fic: Blisters (T4, Kyle/Marcus, PG)
Title: Blisters

Author: smaragdbird

Fandom: Terminator Salvation

Pairing: Kyle Reese/Marcus Wright

Rating: PG

Warnings: slash

Disclaimer: Terminator does not belong to me and I don't get any money for this

Summary: Marcus is used to hard work but living in the future takes that to a whole new level

Read it here

**be sure to credit any and ALL sources, even if it fannish in nature! No one likes a thief!**
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